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Adelaide Writers' Week 2022: A Better Picture

For a third astonishing year, Adelaide Writers’ Week managed to dodge the worst of COVID's consequences and was successfully, joyfully staged on our beautiful site at the Pioneer Women’s Memorial Garden. 

Despite some last-minute cancellations and quick pivots from live to virtual appearances necessitated by COVID, the floods and even a scare from a fire on the Harbour Bridge, a wonderful collection of minds and voices provoked, informed and inspired us. Our authors and audiences both ensured I am leaving on a sky-grazing high. I am so grateful for the opportunity to have been Director of the country’s most accessible, energising and uplifting festival of ideas and literature. It has been a great privilege. I look forward to being back next year as an eager audience member for Louise Adler’s first offering - I’ll be the one without the wild eyes and harried gait.

Jo Dyer
Director, Writers' Week

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Writers' Week will be held from 4 - 9 Mar in 2023.

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Although Writers' Week is over for another year, you're welcome to navigate through our different offerings using the links below before we archive these pages. The line-up and session pages include links to the podcasts of the sessions.


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