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Missed out on Climate Crisis and the Arts? Or keen to revisit a session? Check out our videos and podcasts using the links below.

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What roles do creativity and the arts play in inspiring change? Can they help reimagine and create a better world? Can artistic communities create cultural movements? How do we more sustainably share culture from opposite sides of the world?

This one-day event brings together the arts and sciences to discuss the way forward over the next defining decade. Expanding on themes of regeneration, the power of storytelling, decarbonisation and whether it's possible to party with the planet. Conversations with leading voices explore future challenges and opportunities afforded by championing creativity to educate, inspire and mobilise climate action.


Climate Crisis and the Arts will hold events across two stages. Our main stage is the West Stage, where we'll host a series of panel discussions exploring the power and potential in connecting the arts with climate action.

The sessions on the Plane Tree Stage will take a deeper dive into tangible actions, available resources and ways to get involved. These discussions will focus on topics that are particularly relevant for those working in the areas industry.

West Stage program

9:30am Opening Address
This event includes:

Welcome to Country with Uncle Mickey Kumatpi Marrutya O'Brien

Hear from Rachel Healy and Neil Armfield AO (Adelaide Festival), Alison Tickell (Julie's Bicycle - livestreamed from the UK), Helen Salmon (British Council), Adrian Collette AM (Australia Council for the Arts) and Amber Brock-Fabel (youth climate activist)

10:30am The power of storytelling
With Rona Glynn-McDonald, Gabrielle Chan and Damon Gameau. Moderated by Ben Brooker.
Includes a performance by Nancy Bates.

11:45am Creative responses to the climate crisis
With Ali Gumillya Baker, Tamara Baillie, David Finnigan and Caitlin Ellen Moore. Moderated by Matthew Wright-Simon.

1:00pm Can I Live? A COMPLICITÉ production
Filmmaker Fehinti Balogun in conversation with Dwayne Coulthard.

2:15pm Is it possible to party with the planet?
With Berish Bilander, Sharni Honor and Montaigne. Moderated by Christie Anthoney.

3:30pm We've got this
With Tiahni Adamson, Rob Brookman and Jess Scully. Moderated by Audrey Mason-Hyde.

4:40pm The Bait Fridge Collective
An upcycled plastics installation and performance.

Plane tree Stage program

11:45am replace the Waste: towards net zero festivals & events
With Sarah Bruns and Jessica Wundke

1:00pm Deep Dive into Divestment
With Paul Garner and Lewis Gurr-Stephen

2:15pm Untangling: Breaking up with fossil fuels
With Alex Kelly and Scott Ludlam

3:30pm Carbon Neutrality in Practice
With Andrea Bassett, Malcolm Leask, Ken Long and Daniel Walsh


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