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Our free Festival Forums featuring key AF creatives have a new host! David Marr has passed the baton to Breakfast with Papers favourite Tom Wright. Steeped as he is in the performing arts, Tom has the uncanny ability to be completely across just about any subject you care to name, so expect some really penetrating insights. Note the new early evening time, perfect to set your brains buzzing pre-show. 

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Mon 7 Mar, 5pm  | The Rite of Spring / common ground[s]
Salomon Bausch, son of Pina Bausch, Germaine Acogny, founder of École des Sables, Senegal, and The Rite of Spring dancer Brian Oloo. Salomon will join via live stream from Germany.

Tue 8 Mar, 5pm  |  The Golden Cockerel
Barrie Kosky, Director of The Golden Cockerel, and Denni Sayers, Associate Director of The Golden Cockerel. Barrie will join via live stream from Europe.

Wed 9 Mar, 5pm  |  The Picture of Dorian Gray
Kip Williams, Direction and Adaptation of The Picture of Dorian Gray and Artistic Director of Sydney Theatre Company.

Thu 10 Mar, 5pm  | ICEHOUSE
Iva Davies, musician. Live streamed to Festival Forums.

Fri 11 Mar, 5pm  |  Free/State Adelaide Biennial of Australian Art
Sebastian Goldspink, Curator of Free/State, and artists Sera Waters and Shaun Gladwell. Shaun will join via live stream. 

Tues 15 Mar, 5pm  |  Chineke! Chamber Ensemble
Chi-chi Nwanoku (bassist), Linton Stevens (bassoonist), Ashok Klouda (cellist) and William Barton (composer). 

Wed 16 Mar, 5pm  |  KRAM
Mark Maher, musician known as KRAM.

Thu 17 Mar, 5pm  |  Wudjang: Not the Past
Stephen Page, Director, Choreographer & Co-Writer of Wudjang: Not the Past and Artistic Director of Bangarra Dance Theatre.

Fri 18 Mar, 5pm  |  Adelaide Festival
Rachel Healy and Neil Armfield AO, Artistic Directors of Adelaide Festival.

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